WOMEN: If You Have a Loved One In Your Life — A Child, Spouse, Partner, Relative or Friend…

Where the relationship has made a dark change…

Where their new negative behavior may be harming them or others…

And they are taking advantage of you and using you…

While refusing to listen when you show your concern and care…

And even make you into a villain for offering to help….

Get Rid Of The Anxiety And Chaos And Learn To Speak To Them So They Finally Hear You Again, Understand What You Need, And Never Again Be Their Victim Or Villain

Dear Wonderful Woman,

You’re here because something has changed in a loved one’s life. And your once normal, healthy connection is gone.

And those changes and disruptive behavior are causing massive anxiety, frustration and resentment for you.

This is somebody you truly and deeply care about. And you just want to help… but they don’t seem to even want to listen.

It may be:

- Your adult son or daughter
- Your spouse or partner
- A sibling, parent or family friend
- Even a boss, coworker, neighbor or other acquaintance

Because you care about them so much, they sometimes expect you to “bow down” to their needs and demands, without a second thought about you.

And no matter what you do, somehow you end up being “the bad guy” whenever you try to protect or assert yourself.

How to Speak Up and Finally Get What You Need Without Causing the Other Person To Get Upset, "Explode," or Make You Feel Like You're the One in the Wrong

Hi, I’m Barbara Decker,

Since 2018 I’ve helped more than 1000 women from all walks of life learn to communicate their personal needs and priorities so they can finally speak up for themselves and get what they need out of their most important relationships.

All without causing the other person to get upset, "explode," or make them feel like they're the one in the wrong.

And, if you’re ready, I know I can help you regain the closeness and connection you crave, while turning down the volume on conflict and chaos in your most important relationships.

“Perfect Words Pop Up”
"The timing has been so perfect for our situation. Just when I’m feeling like there’s no solution, perfect words pop up.

This program has been an absolute life saver for us. We’ve been able to restore peace and renew family communications."
Connie Nixon
“Barbara is the Real Deal”
"Barbara is the real deal. She freely shares the struggles that she has gone through. Yet, she is living proof that things can change if we choose change.

The community that she has created is a safe haven to support those changes."
Holly Giffin

These women come to me because nothing they’ve tried has worked.

Every attempt to assert themselves is met with resistance, anger, a blank stare, or worse… they’re simply dismissed as being “too emotional”.

Since you’re here, I assume you’re experiencing something similar.

Regardless of who in your life is causing the conflict, the question you’re probably asking is:

Why Are They Causing So Much Trouble?”

There are many possible reasons.
  • They might be dealing with something difficult in their life.
  • You might not feel comfortable asking for what you need and want.
  • The person could be using drugs (which includes pot) or alcohol.
  • The person could have a mental illness.
  • The person could have developed what we call “learned entitlement” that often comes from social media and society — where they expect you to do even the most basic things that any adult should be able to handle for themselves.
  • The person could have full-on addiction or substance use disorder.
  • The person could have what’s called a process addiction, like gaming, shopping, social media, gambling, eating, sex, etc.
These are just some possible reasons why your person might be acting out.

But In The End, The Reasons Don’t Matter. What’s Important Is That There’s Conflict In Your Life

Conflict that makes you feel:
  • Defensive when talking to them
  • Hopeless and helpless because you can't seem to "connect" with them.
  • Like you’re always “walking on eggshells".
  • Afraid to talk to them for fear of saying the wrong thing and “setting them off”
In fact, if you’re like me and the many thousands of women struggling with constant chaos and conflict in their relationships...

Just Thinking About This Person Makes You Feel Stressed, Anxious and Overwhelmed

I know all too well how a loved one’s disruptive behavior can completely derail your life.

In my case, my “person” was my son, Eric.

Eric was a great kid. I did everything right and raised him well.

He did well in school, had hobbies and friends and treated people with respect.

Then things began to change.

He became moody, argumentative and unreliable.

The child I raised with love, compassion and effort became unrecognizable.

He frequently broke his promises and got angry when I called him out for it.

As much as I tried to fix him, make him better — things got worse.

The more I tried to set him straight — things got worse.

The more I tried to protect him from the consequences of his actions — things got worse.

The more I tried to give him love — things got worse.

The more I yelled — things got worse.

The more I cried — things got worse.

Nothing I Tried Helped.
Things Only Got Worse.

I struggled for years, reasoning, yelling, pleading, and begging Eric to stop his bad behavior and act like a grown up.

To treat me with the respect I deserve.

Nothing helped.

Until a wise clinician helped me understand something important:

You Can’t Make Someone Else Change.
They Have to Want to Change.

I resisted this at first, like many women I’ve worked with.

Because everything I’d been told or taught about being a “good mom” demanded that I take responsibility.

That I step in — no matter the personal cost — to rescue my child.

But when I really thought about it, I’ve never been able to force anyone else to do what I wanted them to.

Or to agree that what I thought was right.

They were always going to do what they think is right.

When I finally accepted this — and began to speak and act accordingly — everything with Eric shifted.

I took full responsibility for the only part I could actually controlwhat I chose to do or say.

How and when I chose to do or say it.

Little by little the stress and anxiety I always felt when I was around him started to lessen. I wasn’t so tense all the time.

My words no longer triggered him or caused him to start an argument or walk out.

I started using this protocol to talk about how I felt and what I needed… without making him wrong.

Gradually things got better. More loving and peaceful. More connected.

And as I changed, so did he.

Then an amazing thing happened:

Eric started to make different choices. Better, healthier choices.

More importantly, our relationship is better than it’s ever been.

We talk and text regularly. He involves me in the important areas of his life.

Sometimes he even asks my advice on things… and occasionally agrees with me! 🤣

He’s even an integral part of the work I do helping women reclaim peace and joy in their lives.

Eric and I both credit our renewed relationship to the set of tools I learned — often through painful trial and error — about how to respectfully communicate using this protocol.

I learned how to speak to my son.
Not to his behavior.

It comes down to an approach I now refer to as: 

The U.P.R. Protocol

The U.P.R. Protocol is a way of interacting with your loved one where you separate them from the “bad behavior.”

U.P.R. stands for Unconditional Positive Regard.

Which means everything you say and do comes from a place of love, honor and respect for the aching, suffering human being that is your person.

So instead of trying to correct their behavior and convince them you’re right, the U.P.R. Protocol says to calmly share how their behavior impacts you.

Instead of complaining about how much they’re hurting you, the U.P.R. Protocol says to have a graceful way to exit any conversation, should you need to.

And instead of trying to cover for them when the natural consequences of their actions come back to bite them, the U.P.R. Protocol says to step back and trust that they can handle things on their own.

As the famous saying goes:

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

Unconditional Positive Regard remembers they are not bad or wrong, as a person.

Even though their behavior may be unacceptable to you.

Instead, you see them as a capable and competent human who is doing the very best they can, with the knowledge and tools they have available.

Just like you are.

Unconditional Positive Regard means you are not accusing them of anything. Not pointing fingers at the reason for their actions.

Instead, you comment only on YOUR truth ... how their behavior impacts you.

What you need or expect instead.

Your protocol to make sure you get what you need.

For the last few years I’ve been sharing this protocol with other mothers.

Helping them communicate from a place of power.

And the results so far have been incredible.


I just finished The Transformative Communications program and I am on top of the word. This program has literally changed my life. I have improved my communication skills with my AS. My husband, it´s like we are communicating peacefully and respectfully with each other. My children, my siblings and my friends. The skills I have learned are easy to apply with everyone I meet. I actually learned how to listen something that I thought I was doing, but, no I wasn't, far from it. It feels like I just finished a really good book and I want to read it again. Thank you Barbara Decker, Cathie Fischer and Patti Czaja Franco

It wasn’t until those mothers started reporting changes not only with their son or daughter … but also with their spouses, other children, even parents and siblings … that I knew:

There was more I could do to help.

The U.P.R. Protocol applies to all relationships.

This shouldn’t have surprised me, because when I reflected on my own life, I realized a simple truth:

My life looks a lot different today.

As a result of using the U.P.R. Protocol I:
… Left a corporate job to dedicate my retirement years to starting a business that makes a real difference for people …

… Chose to spend quality time with people who are happy and eager to meet my needs — people who give as readily as they take

Strengthened all of my family relationships, making family visits, vacations and holidays more connected, fun and “drama free” …
Because — as I’ve said — the reason for a person’s bad behavior doesn’t matter.

Any time a “coping mechanism” or learned entitlement is affecting a person’s behavior to the point other people are affected …

The U.P.R. Protocol helps.

When drugs or alcohol are being misused or abused …

The U.P.R. Protocol helps.

Even when mental illnesses like chronic anxiety, ADHD, depression, schizophrenia and more, are affecting a person’s behavior …

The U.P.R. Protocol helps.

Even when the person on the inside wants to be better … something overrides them and takes control.

No matter what is going on with “your person” …

The U.P.R. Protocol helps.

I’ve collected all my hard-fought learnings, systems and approaches and put them together in my newest program for women:

Transformative Communications:
Finally Say What You Need to Say And Get What You Need, Without Setting Them Off or Feeling Like You’re “The Bad Guy”

Discover what it is that you truly want and learn how to communicate it effectively, using the Unconditional Positive Regard Protocol… so they actually hear and understand what you’re saying...

And Watch ALL Your Relationships Transform!

“This feeds my soul.”
There are not enough words to really express my thoughts and feelings. I can live my life based on my priorities and now have boundaries to protect those priorities because I do matter.
I have rediscovered my singing voice and deep love of music. This feeds my soul.
I am enjoying relationships and not afraid of conversations! My husband and I talk of our lives together moving forward and enjoy projects around our home together.
We love our sons but understand that regardless of how their lives are going we can still have joy and hope. This I believe more than ever gives them joy and hope that they too can experience.
- Cindy
  • Imagine:
  • Instead of approaching every conversation feeling nervous and on edgeyou smile and speak confidently
  • Instead of trying to react in the momentyou have a plan for how the conversation might unfold, so you maintain your grace and composure
  • Instead of biting your tongueyou calmly state what you feel, so you aren’t left feeling unheard or like a doormat that’s just been walked over

Instead of Secretly Resenting Your Loved One, You Communicate From a Place of Love and Respect (For Them AND For You!)

It’s all possible for you — and so much more — starting today.

It Takes Less Than 3 Months to Completely Relearn How to Express Yourself The Right Way… That We as Women Were Never Taught

That’s all it takes to completely shift the way you communicate — improving your relationships with everyone in your life.

Finally know what to say — and how to say it — in a way that cuts through their defenses.

Learn what it truly means to communicate from a place of Unconditional Positive Regard …

… and watch for yourself how your relationship transforms — with your child, your spouse or partner, parent or sibling, even your extended friends and family.

My Proven Approach to Communicate With Power, Confidence & Certainty Using The U.P.R. Protocol

It begins with learning the fundamentals of communication. The language you use to express your needs.

The words you choose… the perspective you share … your tone of voice … your body language.

These things matter more than you could possibly know.

Too often the language you choose has them feeling attacked — even when that’s not your intention.

They go on the defensive.

They go into “fight or flight” mode — attacking you verbally or simply shutting down or walking away.

They dismiss everything you say.

Because you’re trying to tell them what their truth is — and only they could possibly know what that is.

Because you’re trying to tell them what their truth should be — how they should act, what they should do (or not do) and how they “need” to take you into account.

Learning the fundamentals of “self referenced communication” is where your journey begins.

With this foundation in place, you can build your own U.P.R. Protocol, following my signature 5-phase process:

Phase One: You and Your Needs

It all starts with you. Realizing that you have 100% control over how you act. What you choose to say (or not say).

You’ll identify your highest priorities, so you can choose the approach that is most likely to get you what you want.


Phase Two: Frame Your Truth

Framing your truth is the first step to creating a communication plan — based on your own priorities — that will get you what you want, while also taking others into consideration.


Phase Three: Choose Your Strategy

Choose from 34 Communication Strategies to choose when and where the conversation will take place. How you’ll start and end it. And how you’ll “exit” the conversation if you need to.


Phase Four: Have the Conversation

During the program — if the timing suits you — you’ll be invited to have the conversation with your person and bring your experience back to the group.

It’s important to note that there is no requirement that you complete your conversation during our time together.

The timing may not be right for you, and that is 100% okay.

You always have choice. The final decision always rests with you.


Phase Five: Debrief Your Wins & Learns

Afterwards you’ll analyze how the conversation went. What worked, and what you’d like to do differently next time. So you continue to grow your skills and confidence with every conversation you have.

Realizing that I don't always have to have an answer for everything. And that is OK. Relieves stress on myself during a challenging conversation.
- Denise
Stopped blaming, better listening, exit strategies when necessary
- Bonnie
I shared what I was learning with my husband and I think our communications are better.
- Dawn
I learned that I was not as good at communicating as I thought and that my approach may have sabotaged some of the conversations from the very start.
- Laurie
I matter.
- Rhonda
So much angst and hurt can be prevented or corrected with clear, honest, kind communication. I learned that all I can control is what I do and what I say. I can’t control how anyone receives what I say.
- Susie

Every relationship you apply the U.P.R. Protocol to will improve.

Communicating With the U.P.R. Protocol Takes Back Your Power Where Begging, Pleading and Screaming Only Give it Away

With the U.P.R. Protocol Everyone Feels Heard, Acknowledged and Understood!
By the end of our time together you’ll know exactly:
  • How to set the frame in every conversation you have, that gets your loved one to finally hear you once and for all and understand where you're coming from, so they don't get defensive — allowing you to finally communicate with the person you truly love and care about.
  • Why difficult conversations with your loved one are so hard (and why this is actually a good thing) — and how one simple perspective shift dissolves internal resistance so you can have "energetically clean" conversations.
  • My "Book Ends" strategy for starting and ending an important conversation with the person you love — so you never get dragged into an unwinnable argument again.
  • The "Journey of a 1000 miles" method that leads to the short- and long-term outcomes you want — and leaves the person you care about feeling like you’ve finally heard them.
  • How shifting your focus in just one way ends the "blame and shame" cycle — every single important relationship gets better once you have this strategy.
  • How to "mine the past for clues" to get a head start on which strategies to use today — this "time travel" technique speeds up the process so you start feeling better right away.
  • 2 simple choices (that are 100% in your control) that will "open" your person to hearing you — get these right and watch their resistance melt away!
  • A counterintuitive conversation starter that practically forces the other person to lower their defenses — without opening yourself up to attack or criticism.
  • A simple shift that allows you to say the same things you've been saying all alongwithout them "getting their back up" — you'll be shocked at how simple this really is ... and how much the person you love will appreciate you for it.
  • How to say "no" to a request and still have your loved one feeling heard, understood and appreciated (even if they don't like your answer) — use this in combination with my counterintuitive conversation starter for even better results!
  • Secrets to make sure they feel heard and understood even when you strongly disagree with them — they'll be more open and honest with you when they aren't feeling "under attack."
  • How to respond when a conversation comes up at an inappropriate time — or gets interrupted part way through — letting you maintain control and get the outcome you’re looking for without shutting down or storming out.
  • How to avoid sending "mixed messages" using The Alliance Approach to get other "relationship stakeholders" on board — this "united front" ensures everyone gets what they need and subtly shifts the power dynamic back in your favor.
  • Addiction-specific strategies if your loved one is overusing or abusing drugs, alcohol or "process addictions" (like shopping, gambling and sex) — allowing you to cut through their disease and inspire change.
  • Mental illness strategies for when your loved one is struggling with anxiety, depression, ADHD or burnout and overwhelm — without making their situation worse.

No Matter What’s Happened In The Past, You Can Take Back Control of Your Life!

You may think you’ve tried everything and that there’s “just no getting through to them.”

That they will never agree with your perspective. You may be right.

But know this:

Agreement with your perspective is not required for your life to improve.

You have the right to be treated the way you want to be treated.

They way you deserve to be treated.

Transformative Communications is unlike anything you’ve ever tried before.

Because it’s not about “them” at all.

Only about you and what you choose to say. How you choose to say it.

And which behaviors you are willing to tolerate and accept … and which you absolutely will not.

Here’s How Transformative Communications Works:

When you join today, you’ll receive:

Transformative Communications

Online Training

VALUE: $1297
This comprehensive set of modules walks you step-by-step through the U.P.R. Protocol to create your own Transformative Communications Plan.

A plan just for you.

Based on your priorities... your situation... your strengths & weaknesses.

It’s based on your goals for the relationship.

You get real world examples from other women, plus exercises to help you sift through your options and discover your truth.
Going through modules in systematic format helps keep me on track
- Sue
Well for me it kept me on track and made me accountable to work through the program. I am self motivated but I do a lot and it’s good for me to have some structure and helps me with time management.
- Sally
The summary at the beginning of each of the strategies is very helpful. Great quick overview and gives me an idea where I need to focus my energy.
- Laura
It’s not just theory.

You get access to a library of 34 different strategies you can use to have the conversation you choose to initiate.

These practical guides give you real-world options — including specific words and language — for how to approach your loved one.

You get to pick the one’s that work for you.

10-Week Group Coaching Package

VALUE: $1297
Imagine this: Each week you’ll have the opportunity to gather with other women on a live coaching call with a Love Another Way Graduate Coach.

Together you reclaim your power.

Your “Communication I.Q.” grows as you hear how other women are using these tools in their own relationships.

Your confidence soars.

Hearing what others are trying or considering — what I call “side door learning” — is one of the most powerful parts of any of my programs.

Transformative Communications is no different.
“Each story was valuable and relatable.”
Taking the time to side learn through someone else's work is so helpful. Each story was valuable and each one was relatable. I found myself having some feedback while learning at the same time. this right here is a practice in active listening and communication skills.
- Martha
It’s OK if you can’t make the live calls. We have the recordings. All the breakthroughs. All the big takeaways ready for you.

This will change everything — you’ll see.

You’ll leave each session inspired and rejuvenated.

You'll see new possibilities to run your own “communication experiments.”

You'll finally get off the emotional rollercoaster that so often comes with this kind of relationship conflict.

By the end of our time together you will have an entirely new perspective on how to have productive, meaningful conversations…

…conversations where everybody feels heard and understood…

…and the skills and tools to actually do it.

All while reclaiming your personal power and sense of peace.

Imagine how it will feel to put an end to the chaos.

To understand how to get what you need out of the relationship.

Most important:

Imagine how it will feel to reconnect with your loved one and rebuild an honest, authentic relationship with them.

Right now. Just as they are.

Plus Get These Exclusive Bonuses

Transformative Communications online modules and group coaching is enough for any woman to completely relearn how to communicate, breaking years or even decades of social conditioning.

But I’ve heard from countless students that hearing multiple different perspectives and the experiences of other women in similar situations helps them “ground” the principles in real-world situations.

So I put together some special bonuses that will help you integrate what you learn more quickly, so that it becomes second nature.
Bonus #1
VIP Invitation: Live Laser Coach-a-thon with a Love Another Way Coach (Value: $497)

Your family dynamic is unique.

Your situation is unique.

Your needs are unique.

Let's work together to find solutions that work for you.

Hear a Graduate Coach’s unique perspective and deep insight — that comes from having walked this path herself — on this live coaching call.

Bonus #2
Private 1:1 Next Steps Call with a Love Another Way Coach (Value: $250)

You will undoubtedly be inspired after completing Transformative Communications. You’ll have ideas and options spinning through your head. Your Love Another Way coach will help you clarify your thinking and prioritize your plans.

On this call, you will:

  • Create a vision for how you want your life to be.
  • Identify possible barriers that could get in your way.
  • Design a plan for how to make it happen.
Bonus #3
Private Facebook Community Group (Value: $497)

You’ll be invited to join our Private Group where you get to ask questions ANYTIME, for the entire 10 weeks. No judgment. Safe place to be yourself.

You'll get answers from your coaches. You'll get answers from other women in the group to accelerate your healing process! Best of all, this group is COMPLETELY PRIVATE and no one but the other members, your coaches & me will know you're in it.

This is a SAFE, confidential, no-judgment zone.

Imagine this. A place where you can get answers to your questions - fast. A place where you can share experiences with other women who understand what you're going through. A place where you can be part of something bigger than yourself. This is a truly special place.

Together these bonuses will help you master the U.P.R. Protocol and speed your progress to more peace and personal power.
The total value of Transformative Communications,
including your three exclusive bonuses, is $3838.00.
“I have a life too.”
I was getting so tired trying to 'tell' them how I thought they should be doing stuff (money, food, transportation etc). It had become so brutal emotionally for me - they weren't listening. I had a very negative view of their life skills.

Now I feel it is ok to encourage them and listen and still be able to love them as much as I do. Plus, I am able to still improve my boundaries and realize I have a life too. And that it's ok for me to have my own priorities...
- Mary

Don't Miss Out On This Limited-Time Offer!

Until recently, Transformative Communications has only been available to members of our private group, The Graduates’ Community, which costs $2997 per year and is only available to graduates of our TTBE program.

I’ve decided to change that.

After seeing how much this information supported and impacted the lives of my students, I realized I needed to make this information available to any woman struggling with a conflict-riddled relationship.

And I needed to do it in a way that any woman could afford it.

You will never be the same again.

The material in the videos and the coaching sessions have the potential to change your life in ways you may not even be able to imagine.

Instead of constant worry, you feel ease and spaciousness.

Instead of feeling timid, nervous or unsure, you’ll know exactly what to say — and how to say it — to ensure you’re heard and understood.

And that you get what you need out of the relationship.

Even if the other person doesn’t “like” it.

I know what you're thinking. $3838.00 is a lot of money.

But, to Make it as Accessible as Possible to as many women as I can, I'm taking 70% off!

That's just $995.

Only if you act quickly. I reserve the right to increase the price at any time — and without notice.

Here’s Everything You Need to Get Off The Rollercoaster of Emotions, Get Them to Finally Hear You and Regain the Closeness You Once Had

The Transformative Communications Online Training (Value: $1297) where you’ll be walked, step-by-step, through the U.P.R. Protocol and create your very own Communication Plan.

A plan that has you feeling confident and self-assured. Ready to say what you need to.

PLUS the 10-Week Group Coaching Package (Value: $1297) where you'll get to share and hear insights with other women, each and every week!
And When You Invest In Your Relationships and Your Communication Skills Today You Also Get Two Bonuses to Help Ensure the U.P.R. Protocol Becomes Second Nature as Quickly as Possible:

✓ BONUS 1: VIP Invite to a Laser Coach-a-thon with Barbara (Value: $497)

✓ BONUS 2: Private 1:1 Next Steps Call with a Love Another Way Coach (Value: $250)

✓ BONUS 3: Private Facebook Community Group (Value: $497)

Total Value = $3838

Join Today For Only $1297 $995
Or 3 easy installments of $395
“I’m more willing to speak openly.”
The quality of conversations has improved for me. I’m more willing to speak openly and to exit a conversation if needed.

I no longer feel it’s my job to offer solutions or to fix things. My active listening has improved. I don’t feel that I always need to bring up the problems, but can focus on the relationship.
- Susie

Is Your Sanity and Self Confidence Worth Saving?

Is Your Relationship With Your Loved One Worth It to You?

What amount would you pay to fix it — or at least make it better — and finally restore the relationship you once had? The one you long for?

It’s a small price to pay.

To finally know with certainty what to say (and what not to say) to your loved one.

To reclaim your power and confidence.

To reconnect with your loved one and rebuild your relationship.

You know things can’t go on like this.

Nothing you’ve tried has worked.

You know you need a new approach.

If things go on like this much longer, you may lose the relationship entirely.

So you’ve got to do something new.

Despite it being “counterintuitive” I can tell you this for certain:

The U.P.R. Protocol flat out works.

But you don’t have to take my word for it.

Here’s what others have to say about how Transformative Communications has changed their lives for the better:
My ex and I are now on the same page when it comes to my son. No more fighting, yelling and hanging up on each other.
- Bonnie
This class helped me to communicate better in my volunteer position. The active listening really helps when meeting with parents who are having issues with their kids in the Child Protection Services.

I am a much better Guardian ad Litem for my County because of this course!
- Linda
My conversation changed as I figured out what I wanted to say that I never thought I should or could.

I held back so much out of the fear of being judged or of upsetting someone else. I also was too busy formulating my response to hear what they were saying.

I'm proud of my willingness to change my behavior and to let him live his life. I'm proud that I can say "it is what it is" and not flinch because I finally truly get it that I'm powerless over everything other than the thoughts I let live in my head.
- Dawn
I have become better at keeping my emotions in check during conversations with my husband and son and am better able to tell my truth kindly without expecting the same from them.
- Laurie
My biggest win is speaking in truth and not fearing what others will think. Respect for other’s opinions even when I may not see things the same way.

I am actually enjoying conversations more!
- Cindy
The biggest change I feel within myself is being able to separate their concerns from my concerns.

It has motivated me to be open to listening to my husband's concerns and relieve the communication between us.
- Mary
My biggest win is knowing I can improve my communication with my children when I take chances to change my interactions and review my process to achieve better connection and communication.
- Betty-Jean
My relationship with my daughter has never ever been better!

It's only right to give her some of the credit as well.

She is open, honest, positive and wants to have a respectable relationship with not just me but her Dad brother and sister too. Certainly makes an adult one-on-one conversation with her much easier for me.
- Denise

You deserve this,

Barbara 🙏

P.S. If you’ve read this far you already know that this relationship is worth saving. You know you need to do something different if you want the relationship to improve, because nothing you’ve tried has worked.

Trust your gut. You know what’s right for you.

You also know that if you keep going on the path you’re on now, things aren’t going to get better. Fact is, things are likely to get worse.

You don’t want to be looking back on this moment a year from now wishing you’d done something different.

So act now, while you still can.

You get the entire Transformative Communications program — including the live group coaching sessions — for just $995.

But only if you act quickly. I cannot guarantee how long this special offer will be available.

** Due to the sensitive nature of this subject and the shame many parents feel, some names and photos have been changed. The quotes are real.

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